Quality éclairs, macarons and cakes. We use the highest caliber of ingredients to make taking a BITE worth your while. Hey SUGAR, listen to your taste buds and visit our bite page to take your first BITE!


So you have already had a BITE or two and you want to share it with everyone you know, right SUGAR? Our TABLES are the best way to make it happen! We offer custom designed dessert tables for any event (dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, etc). The best part about our tables is special access to our Secret BITE Menu. Let’s just say we will do anything for you, SUGAR.


If you love our creative flavors and impressive BITE and TABLE designs, SUGAR you’re going to love our unique custom events. We welcome all events of every size and offer special packages for weddings and social events as well as a la carte services. SUGAR, don’t hold back. Start planning now!